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Proposal for double yellow lines along the High Street to the east of the School

The Parish Council invites feedback from residents

The Parish Council has been advised that the request for time limited waiting restrictions along part of the north side of the carriageway east of the School was a non-starter.

Northants Highways would be willing to consider an alternative: double yellow lines.

If introduced, parking would be disallowed at all times.

The Parish Council considered this alternative and was in favour of the application of double yellow lines along both sides of the carriageway to the east of the School:-

  • On the north side as far as the last driveway at Nos 4 & 4A, and 2 & 2A High Street
  • On the south side as far as the School warning sign around the bend at the end of the 20mph zone at Park End.

Keeping the carriageway free of parked cars will make it safer to exit properties along that stretch of road, particularly when turning right out of properties on the south side of the carriageway.

An application will need to be submitted to Northants Highways.

Before going ahead, the Parish Council would welcome your views on this proposal.

  • Do you support or object to the proposal? Please say why.
  • Would you support or object to a proposal for a shorter/longer length of DYL? Please say why.

Please send in your comments with your name and address to the Clerk to the Parish Council by noon on 16th September 2019.

Feedback will be considered at the Parish Council Meeting that evening.

Thank you.

Posted: Wed, 28 Aug 2019 11:25 by Ann Le Druillenec

Tags: Communications