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Croughton Parish Council

Serving the people of Croughton

Clerk: Mrs Ann Le Druillenec
Croughton Village Hall
Wheelers Rise, Croughton
Northamptonshire NN13 5ND

Tel: 01869 819905

Neighbourhood watch

The Parish Council strongly supports the concept and practice of Neighbourhood Watch. In a rural area like Croughton, the police look to the local community for support to control vandalism and crime in the village. There is where Neighbourhood Watch is of great assistance in monitoring and controlling crime.

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Croughton is divided into areas; in each area there is a contact person who can be contacted by telephone. They will then contact the Co-ordinator for Croughton, who will contact the Police. The Co-ordinator is Jean Coles, who can be contacted on 01869-810473. If you would like any information on Neighbourhood Watch, please contact Jean directly. The Neighbourhood Watch contacts are:

  • Will Merrill
    Portway Drive
    Tel. 01869-810569
  • Tony Cross
    High Street
    Tel. 01869-810203
  • Rob Quintinden
    High Street
    Tel. 01869-810237
  • Chris Tomlin
    Mill Lane
    Tel. 01869-810891

It is vital that residents report incidents when they happen so that they can be reported to the police. If you hear or see an incident of crime, vandalism, or social nuisance, or if you notice any unusual visitors or habits among young people which might suggest drug use or dealing, or if you hear an alarm going off, please ring the police immediately so that they can ascertain what actions to take. Please do not tackle a suspected criminal yourself.

Stephen Mold, Police and Crime Commissioner.

As Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire, my primary aim is a simple one: to make Northamptonshire safer.

In order to ensure that everyone is working towards the same shared goal, I've already undertaken a great deal of work to ensure that Northamptonshire Police will play a central role in both the development and delivery of the new Police and Crime Plan for the county, rather than this simply being a strategy set by my team and I.

This is why - for the first time - a joint workshop for members of staff from the Force and my Office was held to develop ideas for a joint strategy. I want the force and my team to deliver the Police and Crime Plan, but I also want everyone to want to deliver it.

Northamptonshire is a large place. It's home to nearly a quarter of a million people, there's over 300,000 domestic properties and 268 parishes, which are joined together by a network of over 2500 miles of highways. Our current budget for policing Northamptonshire is around £122million. Although this might sound a lot, given the size our county and ever increasing challenges we face, it means we'll have to make some difficult decisions on how our limited resources are allocated.

This is why the opinions and experiences of every single person in the county matters. Please do head to www.YourPCC.co.uk and let us know what you think.

Finally can I wish you all a Happy Christmas and should you need any help or assistance, .

Stephen Mold

Are the police and criminal justice service providing the right support for people with mental illness?

This is the question being asked by Stephen Mold, Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner as he launches a Time2Listen mental health consultation.

The consultation is now live at www.time2listennorthants.co.uk - and is focussed on gaining a better understanding of the experience of people with mental illness, ADHD and Autism - and their interactions with the police and criminal justice service in Northamptonshire.

Northamptonshire Police spends more than twenty percent of its time supporting victims of crime and detainees with mental health needs. Over the next three months, the commissioner wants to hear from local people to get a true picture of how effective the police and the criminal justice services are in supporting people with mental illness and what can be done to improve those interactions.

Stephen Mold said: "This is a really important consultation. One in four people experience mental illness, and while many have little or no contact with the police, it's vital we take the time to listen and find out if individuals with mental ill health who are in contact - be it through their neighbourhood, as a victim or witness, or someone who has been involved in crime – are receiving the right support from the police and from the wider criminal justice system."

"I want to hear from as many people as possible – we know there are lots of people with mental illness, ADHD and Autism that have had a very positive experience and received really good support, but similarly we know that for others this was definitely not the case. I urge people to get involved in the Time2Listen consultation and share their stories with us. This is a real opportunity to learn from people's experiences."

The Time2Listen consultation will hear from people via face to face interviews, telephone conversations, focus groups, workshops and by an online survey. The consultation is also open to parents, carers and loved ones of those with mental illnesses, ADHD and Autism.

The consultation is being led by Helen Cook, Head of Involvement and Communications at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. She said: "As well as speaking to people with experience of mental illness, Time2Listen will also consult with professionals and support agencies working within the criminal justice system, such as police officers, probation officers and mental health workers."

"We want to capture their feedback - both positive and negative on the effectiveness of current practices and discuss any potential barriers to improving services for people with mental illness, ADHD and Autism."

The outcomes and any recommendations from the consultation will be shared with the Northamptonshire Mental Health Criminal Justice Board.

For more information about the Time2Listen consultation visit: www.time2listennorthants.co.uk

Office of Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner
Telephone: 01604 888113
Email: Commissioner@northantspcc.pnn.police.uk

Advice from Northamptonshire Police

Police and Crime Commissioner:

If you're not sure, don't open the door!

Please take extra care with your home security.

Bogus callers will call at a house with the intention of tricking their way inside to steal money and valuables. They may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the Water Board, the Council, the Police, Health Organisations or Charities.

They may say they need to turn off the water because of a leak, use the phone because their car has broken down, or perhaps say they have lost a pet. The caller may be a man, woman or even a child and they will use any story to try to gain access to the property.

If you have any suspicions about rogue callers or traders, please call the dedicated Doorstep Crime Hotline: 0345 23 07 702

Alternatively dial 101

Please look out for your elderly or vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbours.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is running a public consultation regarding proposals for the governance of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service to transfer from the Fire Authority (currently part of Northamptonshire County Council) to the Police and Crime Commissioner, who would become the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

The government wants our emergency services to work much more collaboratively and has recently changed the law to allow this to happen. People who live and work in Northamptonshire are invited to have their say on what benefits and concerns they may have.

Please visit www.northantsfireproposals.co.uk to complete the online survey. (a postal survey and easy read version are also available on request). The survey closes on Tuesday 1st August 2017.

For further information or if you having any questions please contact Sam Ward, Involvement Officer at: samantha.ward@northantspcc.pnn.police.uk

Views will be collated and will inform a business case that will be sent to the Home Office in mid-August.